Doctor in Training

#286 Careers Expo Presenter Profile: Dr Brendan Condon

Dr Brendan Condon will be presenting at the Medical Careers Expo on behalf of South West Healthcare. He helps medical students and junior doctors to develop their skills and find their path through medical training.

2021 Medical Careers Expo

The Medical Careers Expo empowers students & early career doctors with insight, knowledge & connections as they take first steps in their career or seek to make decisions about their future.

Victorian Doctors Class Action

Doctors-in-training across Victoria have come together to file class actions against the state’s health services for systemic and widespread underpayment of wages.

#253 Top 10 tips for interns

It’s natural to feel both excited and anxious about what’s in store for you and how you’ll cope with the years ahead.

#252 2020 hindsight: An intern’s perspective

"Even though at times it can be frightening and other times you may feel the pressure of being excessively busy, I implore you to say ‘yes’ to every learning opportunity."

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