The aim of the AMA Victoria mentoring program is to provide a supportive and safe format for doctors to consider and discuss career and professional development opportunities and challenges by engaging with a more experienced doctor who has skills in mentoring.

This program is particularly relevant during times of transition in your career or whilst you are finding your balance and professional identity. It is structured to help you set and achieve your goals. AMA Victoria undertakes matching to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and to maximise the value of the mentoring relationship.

Register your interest as a mentee or mentor

Email with your expression of interest.

Who can apply to be a mentee? »

AMA Victoria's mentoring program is for doctors who are post-internship to fellowship. You must be a member of AMA Victoria, working in Victoria as a medical practitioner and have full registration as a medical practitioner with AHPRA. We have found a growing interest from doctors approaching fellowship seeking a mentor for support with the transition to consultant.

Who are the mentors? »

The AMA Victoria mentors are all senior doctors and AMA Victoria members who have expressed their desire to give back to the profession by volunteering their time to mentor. These experienced doctors have a passion for helping junior doctors to achieve their aims with the aim of developing future leaders of the medical profession.

What is the selection criteria for a mentor? »

Mentors are experienced doctors from senior registrar level upwards who are fully registered with AHPRA and currently practising in their chosen field of practice. Mentors are expected to be familiar with the current training pathway of their specialty. AMA Victoria mentors may have been involved in other mentoring programs or have worked recently with junior doctors. All senior doctors volunteering as mentors will be provided with guidance about their role and training as necessary.

What is the committment for a mentor? »

Mentor contact with the mentee after matching is expected to be monthly. Mentees are expected to prepare for each meeting with their mentor by providing a short list of topics they wish to discuss. Mentors need to commit to participate in the program for a 12 month period.

What is the basis of the match between a mentee and a mentor? »

Both the mentee application form and the mentor application form provides mentees and mentors with the opportunity to specify their own preferences in relation to the criteria for matching. This, plus the availability of doctors meeting these criteria, form the basis of the match. Many matches will be based on craft group but other criteria may be chosen.

Who undertakes the matching process between mentees and the mentors? »

The AMA Victoria mentoring program coodinators create a match after a conducting a separate induction with each new mentee and mentor and carefully considering the preferences and goals of each party.

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