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New online system for medical cause of death notifications

The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria (BDM) released a new system on 19 February 2019 for registering life events. Registry Information Online (RIO) is now live. This means that all BDM products and services are now available online. 

The current online portal is causing significant frustration for medical practitioners as it is not user friendly, increases administration and does not comply with AMA’s 10 Minimum Standards for forms.

AMA Victoria is therefore strongly advocating for paper forms to be available for the next 12 months, by which time it is hoped that BDM will develop a system that complies with AMA’s 10 Minimum Standards.

We know our GP and other members have been experiencing significant issues with using the new system and we continue to represent these concerns to the Registry and will keep our members updated. In the meantime, we are very interested to hear of the experiences of our members in using this new system. Please send us your feedback to Nada: nadam@amavic.com.au

If you experience any problems with using the new online system you can contact the Registry of BDM directly to resolve your issue: bdmregistrations@justice.vic.gov.au

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