The Andrews Government takes leadership with Ice Action Plan

Thursday 5 March 2015
The Australian Medical Association (Victoria) welcomes the Victorian Government’s Ice Action Plan, which includes $18 million for ice treatment and rehab programs.
“Ice has tragically taken a stranglehold on many Victorian communities, the worse of which has been in rural and regional towns,” AMA Victoria President Dr Tony Bartone said this morning.
“The growing use of ice, and its devastating impact, is similar to that of heroin during the 1990s. Drug trends come and go, and the Government of the day needs to dedicate resources to halt its spread.
“The Victorian Government’s Ice Action Plan was a pre-election commitment and it addresses many of the concerns the medical and health sector is having with ice, especially in relation to limited treatment options and the need for training on how best to treat patients who are under the influence of this drug.
“The medical sector applauds a number of plan’s components, in particular the $18 million for drug and rehab treatment.
“We know that many families will be relieved that the Government has put ice at the top of its drug agenda since being elected in November,” Dr Bartone said.
AMA Victoria was a part of the Ice Action Specialist Workforce Advisory Group. This Group of stakeholders advised the Government on what resources are needed to halt the widespread use and destructive impact of this drug.
The Government’s Ice Action Plan includes:
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