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2018-2019 State Budget Submission

Recommendations for Treasury

1. Provide funding to undertake specific medical workforce planning to ensure Victoria has the necessary medical numbers, training/speciality and distribution across the state.

2. Provide funding to ensure that Victorian doctors can complete their necessary training requirements. In particular, increase the number of medical intern, resident and registrar training positions (including at rural/regional hospitals).

3. Provide funding to ensure all public hospitals are appropriately resourced to enable doctors to undertake teaching, training, quality assurance and research pursuits.

4. Provide funding to implement electronic secure messaging in Victoria and invest in IT infrastructure to improve communication at the interface between one health service and another, and between health services like hospitals and primary care. This must be integrated with access to My Health Record. Victoria’s health IT must be improved to ensure patient safety.

5. Provide ongoing funding to track, prevent and manage incidents of occupational violence against health practitioners in Victoria.

6. Provide significant funding to address the widespread shortages and inadequacies across the state’s mental health sector.

7. Provide significant funding to increase public inpatient psychiatric services across the state.

8. Provide funding for outpatient psychiatric services, especially consultation liaison psychiatry (CLP) clinics across the state.

9. Provide funding for new models of mental health care that address dual diagnosis conditions.

10. Provide funding to meet public demand for public hospital services – this includes inpatient, emergency department, elective surgery and outpatient services.

11. Provide significantly increased funding for community palliative and end of life care services across the state, in particular for rural and regional areas.

12. Provide funding for perinatal and child health services, including resources to assist parents avoid developing obesity and other preventable chronic conditions.

13. Provide funding for Victorian-based Youth Education Sessions, targeting adolescents about relevant healthcare issues, including sexual health, alcohol and drug harms, and mental health.

14. Provide funding for a Youth Friendly Doctor program, to further enhance doctors’ expertise in adolescent healthcare.

15. Provide funding to support further reforms to tobacco laws (specifically the ban on smoking should be extended to outdoor drinking areas).

16. Provide funding to councils to see smoking laws enforced effectively, especially outside hospitals, healthcare settings, schools and kindergartens.

17. Provide funding for advertising, public health information and quit campaigns regarding the harms of cigarettes, loose-leaf tobacco and shisha/water pipes.

18. Provide funding to introduce tobacco vendor licensing fees.

19. Provide funding for additional capacity in the state’s drug treatment services to respond to patients with problem drinking and to deliver early intervention responses.

20. Provide funding for public health messaging of alcohol harms.

21. Provide funding to improve opiate addiction services, including the establishment of public multidisciplinary clinics in regional areas.

22. Provide funding for timely access to multidisciplinary pain management services in public settings.

23. Provide funding for drug treatment services targeting ice addiction and introduce a regulatory framework for private residential drug rehabilitation programs.

24. Provide funding to monitor new and emerging drug trends, and alert health practitioners and healthcare settings of these trends to help ensure effective treatment.


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