AMA Victoria statement on Box Hill Hospital assault

Wednesday 31 May 2017

Violence is never acceptable and violence against healthcare workers is abhorrent. Verbal abuse, threatening and aggressive behaviour, and physical assault by patients or hospital visitors is a common occurrence and this must end.

“Healthcare workers are entitled to work in a safe environment. You should be able to turn up to work and not be abused, threatened or assaulted. Violence and aggression towards healthcare workers must stop,” Dr Lorraine Baker, President of AMA Victoria, said today.

“Under no circumstances is it OK for a patient or a visitor to abuse, threaten or assault a hospital worker. But it is a terrible reality, and sometimes a regular occurrence for those who work in hospital emergency departments and on the wards.

“AMA Victoria will be working with the Victorian Government, the medical colleges and other groups to identify measures that will improve the safety of our healthcare workers.

“AMA Victoria’s thoughts are with the healthcare professional who was assaulted at Box Hill Hospital last night. Our thoughts are also with their family and colleagues,” Dr Baker said.

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