Support Programs

AMA Victoria cares about the health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students. We offer a range of services to support doctors and medical students to maintain good health and to maximise wellbeing. A feature of these programs is doctors looking after doctors and an understanding of the specialised needs of the medical profession. These programs also provide an opportunity for doctors and medical students to give back to their profession through volunteer roles.


Peer Support Service

Chat with a colleague who understands the pressures of medicine.

Doctor Support Service

The aim of the AMA Victoria Doctor Support Service is to assist a doctor in distress by providing ongoing confidential practical support from a trained support person who is also a medical practitioner.

Peer Visitor Program

This program aims to provide companionship to retired elderly doctors, who may be isolated or living in residential aged care.

Victorian Doctors Health Program

AMA Victoria jointly founded the Victorian Doctors Health Program (VDHP) with the Medical Registration Board of Victoria and continues to actively support its operations.

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