Current Enterprise Bargaining



Negotiations for the Enterprise Agreements for specialists and doctors in training have commenced. AMA Victoria/ASMOF Victoria have already started the process of consultation on the changes that doctors would like to see made to the existing Agreements. 


You will need to be logged in as an AMA Victoria member to read bargaining updates.


You will need to be logged in as an AMA Victoria member to access this page.

Only members will be consulted on how AMA Victoria/ASMOF Victoria conduct the negotiations and how they are settled. It is also important to understand that the more members we have, the more power we have to persuade the health services to agree to our claims. We therefore encourage you to speak to your colleagues about joining the campaign by joining AMA /ASMOF. 

Below is a brief explanation of the timeline and process involved in bargaining.

1.  Consultation – Late 2020

2.  January to February 2021

3.  Negotiations – starting June 2021

4.  In-principle settlement

5.  Ratification

6.  Certification

Contributions and involvement from our members are essential to improving the current contents of the Enterprise Agreement – please get in touch with our Workplace Relations team if you have any questions, via (03) 92808722 or

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