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While we ‘package’ our coaching programs into 6-month and 12-month timeframes, for many people coaching is an ongoing form of professional development, that may go for over a year or into many years, depending on the learning and development taking place.

Coaching provides a tailored and personalised professional development for individuals. One-one-one coaching provides a provide a safe and supportive place to discuss issues and challenges in your professional life in a secure and confidential space. Our coaching is online and flexible schedules ensure that sessions can fit in with busy periods and rosters.

At AMAV we provide several coaching programs

Our coaches have experience and training in their fields, and provide expert coaching for the issues that you bring to the session.

In many industries and sectors, leaders work with one-on-one coaches to support their leadership, their career development and health and wellbeing across months and years. This is relatively new for medical professionals.

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My coach really helped me see things from a different lens. The conversations [we had] made me think out of the box to maintain productivity and keep growing as a clinician and a human being.

“The coaching sessions I had were invaluable. I was feeling burnt out and unhappy in my work situation and I just didn’t know what to do about it.”

“Thanks to the coaching process I was able to identify what I actually liked and disliked in my career and see that there are many different possibilities out there for me.”

“My coach has been very helpful in supporting my professional and personal development. They displayed a very caring, respectful and expert attitude which allowed meaningful and relevant learning that I was able to apply in my professional context. I highly recommend any clinician to use coaching to develop a better professional identity as leader.”