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A recent systematic review of 14 studies on the effectiveness of coaching for Physicians found that “Across all studies, coaching was observed to improve several outcomes related to wellness, including work/life balance, quality of life, resilience, job satisfaction, work engagement, empowerment at work, and psychological capital. Coaching was also generally observed to decrease emotional exhaustion, distress, and burnout.” (emphasis added) [1].

These outcomes resonate very strongly with AMA Victoria’s Development team, as balance, quality of life and engagement at work are issues and challenges that often bring our members to seek coaching with us.

Having a trained professional coach, experienced in working with doctors, can provide confidential and supportive practice to manage challenging workloads and environments, and build the insight and confidence to strive for greater connection and at work.

AMA Victoria delivers a range of coaching programs designed for doctors at every career stage. 

If coaching resonates with you as an effective development tool we encourage you to read the systemic review, explore our range of coaching products and schedule a ‘coaching’ discovery session to speak with a member of our team about your individual needs.

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