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The Retiring Well 3 Month Program for Doctors is a strategic investment in navigating the significant transition to retirement in your professional journey. This comprehensive coaching program includes three personalized coaching sessions, optional self-assessments and reflection exercises and provision of relevant resources.

Our 1-1 Retiring Well 3 Month Program for doctors, the longer of our two retirement programs, supports senior doctors to assess their readiness for retirement, identify their goals, gain personal insight and work towards a new balance after retirement. The program consists of three 60-minute sessions via Zoom supported by a comprehensive workbook, resources, and assessment tools. Our coaches use individual coaching, reflective practice, and diagnostic tools to facilitate a smooth transition to retirement by empowering doctors with the insight and confidence they need to make informed decisions about their retirement.


Booking and costs

This product is valued at $1,721.50 including GST, however members of AMA Victoria can access it for $632.50 including GST


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