Membership FAQ

What am I entitled to as a member of AMA Victoria?

As an AMA Victoria member, you can actively shape public health policy, access workplace, industrial and employment assistance, and work with us to develop your career. See our membership options and services here.


How do I log in to AMA Victoria and AMA Federal's membership portal?

AMA Victoria log in

Members, to access AMA Victoria’s member portal, click on the ‘member login’ button in the top right hand corner of the AMA Victoria website.

In the membership portal, you can manage your membership, download your invoices (AMA Victoria membership is tax deductible!), update your details and notification preferences, or change your membership category as required.

Logging in also gives you full access to AMA Victoria’s site, including resources exclusive to members. For questions relating to your log in, please contact or call (03) 9280 8722.

AMA Federal log in

Upon joining AMA Victoria, you will have received an email from the Australian Medical Association detailing how to log in to the Federal membership portal. Follow the prompts in the email to log in. For questions relating to your log in, please contact or call 1300 133 655.

When I join AMA Victoria, am I also now a member of ASMOF Victoria?

In Victoria, salaried doctors who join the AMA automatically become members of the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (ASMOF), the union for doctors in Australia. In Victoria, ASMOF and the AMA have a conjoint arrangement so that staff in AMA Victoria’s Workplace Relations team are also considered industrial officers of ASMOF. This is important as it allows AMA Victoria to negotiate Enterprise Agreements and represent employed doctors at Fair Work Australia.

ASMOF advocates for the provision and development of quality health services and provides members representation before industrial tribunals and in negotiations with employers. Learn more about ASMOF membership here.

How can I check if I am in the right membership category?

Your membership category can be found within your AMA Victoria membership portal.

Members, click here to log in to your member dashboard. If you need to update your membership category, click on the ‘manage my membership’ icon from your member dashboard to make changes.

Not sure which category to choose? You can find a list of AMAV's membership options here.

Am I eligible for a discount?

AMA offers discounts on membership for part-time doctors, doctors on parental leave and practicing doctors who are over 70 years of age.

To discuss these options, please contact or call 9280 8772.

I’m no longer a student. What happens next?

Your student membership will expire, and you will no longer have access to AMA Victoria resources.

Please contact or call 9280 8772 to be transferred to your new membership category.

What do I do if I want to transition out of an AMAV membership?

Membership with AMA Victoria is ongoing from the day you join. You can transition out of an AMA Victoria membership at any time by providing 30 days’ notice in writing.

If you no longer wish to be a member, you are moving interstate to work, or you are retiring from the profession, please contact

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