History of AMA Victoria

Doctors have played a critical role in the development of Victoria since first settlement. Pioneering Victorian doctors administered to their patients under extremely difficult circumstances. Addressing public health issues to prevent disease became a priority. Doctors led public debate on the need for a safe water supply, improvements to sanitation and the establishment and equipping of a hospital to service the colony.   

The first doctors quickly established a forum to support collegiate discussion on issues important to the profession and to the health of the colonists. Continually seeking to advance their knowledge and improve the quality of care to their patients they were extremely frustrated by their isolation from their London colleagues. Medical journals were at least three months old on their arrival.

The Port Phillip Medical Association, the first medical association in the Australian colony, was fashioned on the British Medical Society to which the doctors belonged. The Australian Medical Association - Victoria originated from the Port Phillip Medical Association and British Medical Society. A primary role of the associations in their various forms was to unify the profession to advance medical care in Victoria. 

Throughout the history of Victoria, AMA Victoria members have led the debate to achieve improvements in medical care.

Education, registration, improving the standard of care available in public hospitals and mental institutions are common themes in the minutes of meetings of the Victorian branch of the British Medical Society. The same issues are at the forefront of discussion within AMA Victoria and in our discussions with government today.


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